Newspaper headlines: Jeremy Corbyn’s prospects on front pages


Sunday’s front pages feature wildly differing takes on the prospects of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. The Sunday Telegraph quotes analysis of opinion polls suggesting he’s “on course to sweep into No 10” after Theresa May’s failure to deliver Brexit on time.

Observer front page, 14/4/19


The Observer, however, leads on a warning from Labour’s leader in the European Parliament that the party will be “deserted by millions of anti-Brexit voters” if it fails to give clear backing to a further EU referendum.

Sunday Times front page, 14/4/19


Meanwhile, the Sunday Times reports what it says is a private admission from Mr Corbyn that evidence of anti-Semitism within the Labour party had been “mislaid, ignored or not used”. Labour has previously said it has strengthened disciplinary procedures and made the complaints procedure more robust.

Sunday Express front page, 14/4/19


Talks between Mr Corbyn’s senior colleagues and Conservative ministers continue in a bid to find agreement over a Brexit deal that can secure the backing of a majority of MPs. But the Sunday Express says some senior government figures believe there is “zero chance” of them succeeding and that “Brexit is dead”.

Mail on Sunday front page, 14/4/19


The Mail on Sunday reports that intelligence chiefs have briefed Prime Minister Theresa May and Home Secretary Sajid Javid about the “Jihadi bride” Shemima Begum. The teenager, who ran off to join the Islamic State group in 2015, is said to have sewed bombers into suicide vests.

Sunday People front page, 14/4/19


The Sunday People trumpets an exclusive interview with Laleh Shahravesh, who has returned to the UK after being jailed in Dubai for calling her ex-husband’s new wife a “horse”.

Sunday Mirror front page, 14/4/19


Meanwhile, the Sunday Mirror says police are investigating the alleged racist abuse of the children of former Liverpool footballer Djibril Cisse.

Daily Star Sunday


Finally, the Daily Star Sunday suggests the Duchess of Sussex is planning a water birth. Meghan is planning a “relaxed” delivery of Prince Harry’s baby, the paper quotes a “pal” saying.

Polling analysis suggests Jeremy Corbyn is on course to sweep into No 10 in a general election, the Sunday Telegraph reports.

According to a “poll of polls” for the paper, the Conservatives face losing 59 seats because of a “dramatic fall in support” over Mrs May’s handling of Brexit.

It declares the Tory collapse “a national emergency” and calls on the cabinet and Conservative MPs to oust the PM.

The Sunday Times is forecasting a Tory disaster in the European elections and wonders if the party has a death wish.

People see a party that cannot deliver Brexit and bangs on about it to the exclusion of everything else, the paper says.

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The Observer has a poll which, as columnist Andrew Rawnsley puts it, suggests the Conservatives are heading for a “marmalising so bad it is without historical precedent”.

Even so, the paper says it might not all be good news for Mr Corbyn. It reports suggestions that a “generation” of young pro-EU voters could desert Labour if it doesn’t guarantee another referendum in its manifesto for next month’s EU elections.

The warning comes from Labour’s leader in the European Parliament, Richard Corbett, though he adds that if the party decides to offer clarity and a confirmatory vote, it “could do very well”.

Brexit… and Bercow

UK Parliament/Jessica Taylor

“Ministers fear Brexit is dead,” reports the Sunday Express.

It quotes a cabinet minister saying there’s “zero chance” of success in talks between the prime minister and Labour.

But Brexiteers have dismissed the claims as “wishful thinking by Remainers” and told the paper they’ll “fight on” until Britain leaves the EU.

Meanwhile, according to the Mail on Sunday, Commons speaker John Bercow has abandoned plans to announce his resignation later this month.

It says he has come under huge pressure to remain in the post from anti-Brexit Conservative MPs, not least former Chancellor Ken Clarke. Brexit supporters will interpret it as a plot to to stop the UK ever leaving the EU, the paper adds.

The Sun on Sunday describes Mr Bercow as a “self-important windbag” who has “bent every rule in the book to thwart the will of the people”.

“Get rid of the Berc now”, it urges.

‘Incapable of compromise’

Former WikiLeaks employee James Ball writes in the Sunday Times that Julian Assange was the architect of his own downfall.

“Almost incapable of backing down or compromising,” Ball writes of his old boss, “in his mind he is the good guy, so… anyone opposing him must be corrupt in motivation.”

The Mail thinks the final straw for Ecuador’s government was the leaking of photos of the country’s president, Lenin Moreno, eating lobster in bed, which caused fury at a time of austerity.

Reports of Assange’s personal habits after he was granted asylum inspire a cartoon in the Times: a woman tells her lazy, messy son: “You treat this place like it’s an Ecuadorian embassy!”


There are new claims about Shamima Begum, who left London for Syria, where she married a fighter from the Islamic State group.

“Jihadi bride sewed suicide vests on,” is the Mail on Sunday’s front-page headline.

It reports that spy chiefs have told Theresa May and Home Secretary Sajid Javid that Ms Begum was seen stitching bombers into explosive vests, so the devices couldn’t be removed without detonation.

The paper says it’s not known if she was a willing participant but that, if true, it would shatter the teenager’s claim that she was nothing more than an IS fighter’s wife.

Meanwhile, “well placed sources” have told the Sunday Telegraph Ms Begum served in Islamic State’s “morality police” squad, acting as an “enforcer” of strict rules, such as women’s dress codes.

The paper says she tried to recruit other young women to join IS.

The name’s Bag… Fleabag

Finally, the Observer reports that the producers of the next James Bond film have turned to an unexpected quarter to lend a hand.

Phoebe Waller-Bridge, who created hit BBC comedy Fleabag, has been brought in to liven up the script. The paper has been told that she was specifically requested by the star of the film, Daniel Craig, who’s a fan.

The Mail says Bond will be getting a comprehensive makeover for the ‘Me Too’ era, with a plot that’s “all about female empowerment”.

It thinks 007 and Fleabag would hit it off: they’re both insatiably promiscuous and never short of a ready quip.

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